Ways to Use Branes

The decentralized system's functionality and Avvyland's intuitive immersive environment make it possible to engage in diverse activities and fulfill many roles. You can search for items in marketplace Branes and buy them, or launch a marketplace of your own. You can play a friend's game or design a new one. You can create full-fledged works of art and sell them as NFTs or create small craft items as a hobby.
This is all possible without coding or design skills. Here are just a few of the basic use cases available in Avvyland.

For Developers

App Design

Each Brane serves as a separate app. Avvyland's no-code visual programming makes it possible to configure app behavior and populate realities with an unlimited number of smart objects.

Game Dev

It is possible to build gaming worlds using various 3D objects and world-generating procedures, populate these worlds with creatures and characters, and set them up with applicable rules.

For Creators


You can set up art galleries anywhere in the world, compose works of art, and create installations by designing blocks in external editors and loading them into Avvyland.
Digital artists and established musicians can monetize their art by placing it in a Brane's virtual marketplace and selling it to other Avvyland residents as NFTs.

Design & Architecture

Architects and designers can model buildings, houses, and other structures with blocks and objects that have real-world prototypes. As a Brane resident, an architect can collaborate on project design with customers, contractors, designers, and colleagues face-to-face (avvy-to-avvy). Anyone from the team can automatically generate a bill of materials, estimate strength and energy efficiency, and get assembly instructions at any design stage. Digital goods can be built in the real world using DomiDo technology, which provides standardized production of any object.
A house built on a Brane

For Entrepreneurs


A Brane can be set up as a marketplace – a supermarket, shop, or showroom – where digital and physical goods are sold for cryptocurrency. An original AI-based 3D scanning feature makes it possible to create product avatars and add them to your store. It is possible to use Avvyland's native smart contract engine or attach the backend of an existing store via a simple API.
Avvyland makes it possible to place advertising objects in virtual space, which can be anchored to a physical location. A wide selection of ad tools is available, from static banners to interactive games and theme parks.