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Immersive Content Creation

One of the key features of Avvyland's Branes (IDApps) is their immersivity. By that, we mean intuitive game-based mechanics that make it possible to create content naturally while in virtual reality. These mechanics are available to the user at all steps of interaction with the IDApp, from the simplest to the most advanced:
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    At the outset, a user enters the Brane and finds themself in a 3D space. This Avvyland space entails working in XR modes, e.g., augmented reality. It is immersive because it mirrors the real world and is, thus, familiar to the user.
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The user can create a virtual world using 3D objects in a game-like fashion. You just take the necessary objects and place them in the building space.
2. The user can also intuitively create 3D objects of their own, including the objects' visual appearance and behavior. To make content generation accessible for users, Avvyland has developed the following services for creating and programming objects:
Avvyland's immersivity is underpinned by our Brane Object Model, a concept that defines the Framework's operating principles. According to BOM, Avvyland as a whole is a hierarchical database consisting of objects of different types. Every Avvyland object is configurable: its behavior, properties, and appearance can all be set via user-defined rules.